About Us

We are a company dedicated in the research, development, formulation, and production of high quality biotechnological additives for the aquaculture sector and monogastric animal species. Our main plant is located in Guayaquil and we have an office in Machala as a supply point for the shrimp sector in the province of El Oro with sub-distributors in Santa Rosa and Huaquillas. We have presence in the province of Manabí, supported by the UTM Technical University and a team of consultants that serve the Manta and Pedernales sectors. Since 2014, we have expanded our horizons from Latin America to South East Asia, partnering with companies that rely on our philosophy and corporate vision. By now we have 2 associated companies, in Thailand CPAC Asia and in China Helios Biotech Company Ltd., in both we commercialize all our technology, replicating the vision of environmental cooperation and management of non-polluting resources.

Our Offices

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Tailandia (CPAC ASIA)

China (JV Asia Pacific Helios Biotech Company)