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DAPETSA, company with environmental conservation philosophy, founded in 2004, pioneer in the Research, Formulation, ID and production of high quality Biotechnological Additives for the aquaculture sector and monogastric animal species.

Our main plant is located in Guayaquil and we have an office in Machala in via Puerto Bolivar as a supply point for the shrimp sector of the province of El Oro with sub-distributors in Santa Rosa and Huaquillas. We also have presence in the province of Manabí, supported by the UTM Technical University and a team of consultants that serve the sectors of Manta and Pedernales. Since 2014, we have expanded our horizons from Latin America to South East Asia, associating with companies that trust in our philosophy and corporate vision. By now, we have 2 associated companies, in Thailand CPAC Asia and in China Helios Biotech Company Ltd., in both we commercialize all our technology, replicating the vision of environmental cooperation and management of non-polluting resources.

We are born with the vision of developing a concept of sustainability; first, with the use of beneficial microorganisms of probiotic action in high concentrations to apply them to all phases of shrimp farming; for the balance of the quality of the water, control of diseases, reinforcement of the immune system and to improve the productive indexes raising the genetic potential. Second, the design of new molecules of inorganic-organic acids, which in differentiated synergies allow to increase the spectrum of antibacterial action to control all varieties of the pathogens Vibrios, Pseudomonas, Rickettsia, Aeromonas, E.coli, Salmonella and maintain intestinal health avoiding the use of ANTIBIOTICS.

Our main products: Directed action probiotics for use in water column, food and bottoms loaded with decomposing matter. Broad spectrum acidifiers for water column and diets, Fertilizers with organic certification, Multivitamins with amino acids, Enzymes to split organic matter, Nucleotides based on soluble fish protein, Oregano essential oils for the control of bacteria and gregarines, Seaweed extract Schizochytrium (new technology) high content of EPA and DHA rich in Omega 3 and Artemia cysts, of Russian origin coming from Siberia. DAPETSA has been able to cover all the needs of the shrimp farms and laboratories from the beginning to the harvest.

The basic principle of DAPETSA is very simple, only with quality we can maintain ourselves in a globally competitive market. Our Group of Professionals will be at your side to provide you with all the guidelines you need.

John Weir

CEO – Dapetsa Animal Health


Be the leading company in the development and commercialization of biotechnological products for the aquaculture sector, with high standards of quality, support and technological development.


Provide our customers with excellent quality products and meet the needs of the aquaculture industry with biotechnological and innovative solutions for proper production management.








Our Team

Maria Claudia Weir

Administrative Manager

John Weir


Mario Cantos

Commercial Manager

Iván Cereceda

Main technician

Pamela Negrete

General Manager

Biowasser S.A

Our allied company Biowasser S.A is in charge of providing IN FARM advice at no cost. We have trained personnel for the application and monitoring of the products throughout the production. Biowasser S.A was born in 2015 thanks to the need of customers to have a personalized and objective advice. We are in charge of the effective and efficient production of our clients, optimizing resources and at low costs in relation to the competition.


Mario Cantos
Maria Claudia weir
General Manager